Teriyaki Salmon (AIP/Paleo/Refined Sugar-Free)

I am in love with wild sockeye salmon, in love, and with good reason! It is tasty, nutrient dense, and a huge component in my healing journey.

I’m aiming to reduce inflammation, so  it’s imperative that I up my omega 3 foods, like wild salmon.  Wild salmon has a stellar omega 3:6 ratio, which makes it an awesome anti-inflammatory food! Not only is it high in omega 3 but it also contains natural occurring  astaxanthin, a powerful anti-oxidant which gives wild sockeye salmon its beautiful red color. And guess what? Astaxanthin is also a potent anti-inflammatory! Bring on the wild salmon!!!

I always feel good after eating it. There has never, ever been a time that I ate wild salmon, and said “man, I wish I hadn’t eaten that amazing fish.”  Nope never happened. Advantage of eating good quality, anti-inflammatory food:  you don’t regret it!

This recipe was inspired by a recent trip to Ottawa. We travelled back to the city we once called home, in order for my husband to get a laser vasectomy.  He was quite nervous about it. I wasn’t nervous at all.  Although everyone around us was giving him so much attention. I swear he had more attention than I did after giving birth, THREE TIMES! But I digress.

I was confident my hubby (and his balls) were going to be fine. Actually, I was looking forward to the whole thing, I know, mean wife! But listen, we live in northern Ontario now, quite a ways from a major city, and the doctor’s office was in a very nice shopping neighbourhood. They told us to be there an hour prior to his appointment, so I was ecstatic that I had at least two hours of shopping. BUT they took him early and the procedure lasted a whole FIVE minutes! So much for my downtown shopping! But hubby was a trooper, he felt well enough to drive out and eat lunch at a restaurant, while I shopped at Terra 20 and Ikea. Word of advice: if you ever  consider going to Ikea with a toddler, before nap time, just don’t.  It’s not worth it. Trust me.

Anyways, I’m getting off topic here. I went to visit some friends while we were in Ottawa. I stayed for supper one evening at my friend Bonnie’s. I had just bought some wild sockeye salmon at Costco, so we took a few fillets and made a marinade that she often throws together. It was delicious! I knew I had to create a recipe like it once I got home! Thanks for the inspiration Bonnie!

Teriyaki Salmon (AIP/Paleo/Refined Sugar-Free)

Teriyaki Salmon (AIP/Paleo/Refined Sugar-Free)



  1. Mix all marinade ingredients together in a shallow dish.
  2. Place salmon fillets flesh side down into the marinade, cover and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.
  3. Place the fillets onto a parchment lined rimmed baking sheet (LOVE my pampered chef bar pan) and pour remaining marinade over salmon.
  4. Bake at 350 for 15-20 mins.
  5. Enjoy!


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Yummm, looks delicious!!


Can’t wait to try it. Had to remove the fish sauce from my wish list on Amazon and put it in my cart! LOL