What’s in My Beauty Cupboard?

Having multiple skin issues, I have suffered reactions from skin and beauty products for as long as I can remember. Using regular soap causes rashes, chemical fragrances instantly trigger my LS and eczema, and will even irritate my mood. It was evident early on in my life that the toxins in skincare and beauty products negatively impacted my physical and emotional health. This is common with people who have compromised systems. Toxins aren’t good news for anyone but when you already have a dysfunctional immune system, negative reactions to toxins and chemicals are much more likely. 

It is very important to reduce your exposure to toxins! Eat organic whenever possible, and stay away from chemicals in household and beauty products! 

I have made it a point in my healing journey to reduce my toxin load as much as I can.  BUT here’s the thing, when it comes to beauty products, I still like to look and smell my best – and there is nothing wrong with that! You absolutely don’t need to go completely without makeup and beauty products. Besides, if you’re anything like me, this would be counteractive as emotional health would suffer. There are countless safe, toxin-free products available nowadays, it just comes down to finding the right fit! I truly enjoy hearing about which toxin-free beauty products others are using, so I thought it would be helpful to have a ‘what’s in my beauty cupboard?’ series, where I feature products I am currently loving! 

Face Care

When I decided to ditch the toxins in my beauty products the first to go was all my face care and I replaced it with oils, because I felt this was the most natural way. I used mostly emu oil, but also coconut and jojoba with some essential oils. Although this was pure and simple, after a while my skin was telling a different story. My skin started to become more congested with blackheads and I develop milia (little bumps) around my eyes. Pure oil was not what my skin needed.  So I started trying out several different toxin-free brands of skin care and have fallen in love with Beautycounter! The milia around my eyes, gone, blackheads, minimal.  I get the moisture my skin needs but without the congestion – heck yeah! I am currently loving the nourishing cream cleanser, exfoliator, day cream, and night cream.  

One products that most definitely helped clear my skin is the charcoal mask by Beautycounter. Activated charcoal draws impurities out and I can certainly tell each time I use this.  It is also great a spot treatment. Whenever I feel a zit coming on (usually before that time of the month), I apply a dab of the charcoal mask and leave it overnight. The next day the blemish is almost always gone! 

Read more about Beautycounter and check out my special offer at the end of this post or check out the company here

Another product I’d like to rave about is the Turbo Boost C Powder by Philosophy. Although, I’m not getting any younger, mixing this Vitamin C Powder into my night cream once a week, is brightening my skin and making me feel like the aging process is slowing down, just a little! I love the idea of feeding my skin nutrients from the outside as well as the inside. True nutrivore, right thurr! 

Body Care

I sometimes get breakouts on my back for whatever reason. I really had no idea what to do about it. Of course, I’ve been investigating what I can do nutritionally but topically, most of what I had tried made little difference. Ten years ago, when I went through the same thing, I used proactive body wash which worked well, but now that I’m choosing toxin-free brands, proactive is not an option. Enter the charcoal soap by Beautycounter! I actually feel it working – my pores are tightening and it feels so much smoother. I am truly ecstatic about this little soap! 



Hands down my fave makeup at the moment are the Hibiscus Cream Blush and the Nude Lip Sheer by Beautycounter.


Looking for an all-in-one make-up to use on-the-go? The Hibiscus Cream Blush is it! I use it on my cheeks, lips, and even my eyes! It’s really the perfect no-fuss look, especially on those days I’m running low on time!






I’ve never been one for bright lipsticks. I love the look on others but when I try them on, it just doesn’t feel right. Or maybe I just haven’t found the right shade yet… Nonetheless, I still like a bit of colour on my lips, which is why I’m crazy over the Nude lip sheer. I will wear this colour by itself and I love the look, BUT what I love most about it is that I can layer it on top of other colours (like the hibiscus cream blush) and it tones the brightness down to a level I’m comfortable wearing!





I’m also really digging Mineral Fusions Eyeliners, in the colours Rough and Touch.  These are not your usual brown eyeliners, but mixes of brown, taupe, and greys, and they are VERY flattering. I have trouble finding products that do not irritate my eyes, but these fit the bill! They are formulated with chamomile, meadowfoam, and vitamin E to soothe delicate skin around eyes. They are also gluten-free (yessss!), paraben free, artificial colour free, fragrance free, talc free, hypo-allergenic, and phthalate free.

Hair Care

Unless you wash your hair standing over a sink, it always ends up dripping down your body, and reaching other areas, areas that may not tolerate fragrances, toxins, and not to mention wheat, which are  commonly found in shampoo and conditioner. For this reason, I am very careful about which shampoo and conditioner I use, especially since I have LS. I do not need harsh ingredients dripping into oh so sensitive areas. I’ve tried several natural brands and even tried going no-poo (shampoo free) but my hair is super thick and it just wasn’t working. I’ve been using Beautycounter shampoo and conditioner for over a month now and am officially hooked. I absolutely love the smell, the way my hair feels so silky after using it, and of course, the fact I do not get any type of reaction from it. Silky hair and no irritation, YES please!


What do I love about Beautycounter?

  • Their mission is to get safe and toxin-free products in as many households as possible. These small changes can make such a big difference in the health of others! 
  • There are 1500 chemicals and toxins beauty counter will absolutely NEVER use in their products. 
  • Every ingredient is screened for safety.
  • They disclose ALL of their ingredients – absolutely NO secrets!  
  • They are a high performance brand of beauty products – meaning you’re getting that Sephora quality but without all the toxins!

Since I have been SO impressed with Beautycounter’s products and mission, I’ve decided to become a consultant.   And what better way to celebrate than with a GIVEAWAY! 

Launch Giveaway! 

Whoever orders $125 or more from beautycounter.com/rebeccaboucher by July 15th will also be receiving a FREE CHARCOAL SOAP and because I love it SO much, a chance to win ONE OF THE THREE CREAM BLUSHERS (colour of your choice)!!! To qualify, make sure order through my website, beautycounter.com/rebeccaboucher, and I will personally send you a free charcoal soap and add your name to the draw!  Open to US and Canadian residents only. 

You don’t need to be a member to order, but I wanted to let you know of the savings that come with becoming a Band of Beauty member. Membership is $29 for the year and you get ALL of the following:
✔️15% back on every order
✔️FREE gift at sign up 
✔️FREE Shipping on orders over $100US ($125CDN)
✔️Access to exclusive sales!

Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions!



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