Breakfast Heart Fry (AIP/Paleo/Sugar-Free) and a Book Review!


I know when most people think of food and the term YOLO, they aren’t thinking about a restrictive diet and nomming on organ meat. It’s more like “I’m going to eat this bowl of pasta because…. YOLO!” Or “I indulged in way too much ice cream, but…YOLO!” Now I’m not saying treating yourself here and there is a bad thing, because it is true, You Only Live Once!

But maybe we can use the term YOLO a little differently? Now let’s say you’re someone who’s suffering from autoimmune disease and has stumbled upon the autoimmune protocol. You’ve read some AIP healing stories and you think it’s something that can really help you. Nonetheless, you are hesitant and a bit (or maybe alot) intimidated.

Here’s what I’d say to you: YOLO. You. Only. Live. Once. If there’s a chance that the pain you are feeling can be decreased by following AIP, wouldn’t that be worth it? You want to make the most out of this one life, and for someone who has an autoimmune condition, that most likely involves healing. I know I’ve made huge strides in my healing by following AIP. I hope you can get past the initial intimidation and give it a serious go, because you’re worth it and…YOLO!

Eileen Laird from Pheonix Helix (one of my favourite blogs), has recently published her very first print book,  A Simple Guide to the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol. Congrats Eileen!

Ready to start AIP? A Simple Guide to the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol has you covered! It explains everything you need to know in order to get started, without being overwhelming. Written like a friend is guiding and supporting you, as well as welcoming you into this healing AIP community. Eileen definitely makes you feel that you are not doing this alone. It will leave you feeling encouraged and empowered that you CAN take your healing into your own hands.

Already on AIP? This book still has alot to offer. It’s a great little resource to double check questions that do pop up every once in awhile. I love the practical advice and tips offered throughout the book. I especially appreciated Eileen’s tips and advice in chapter 16 Overcoming Self Sabotage, and chapter 22 Your Body is Not Your Enemy. With having such a private disease, I feel these two topics are HUGE and something I’m continually working on.

I also think this book is perfect for family and friends who want to know more about AIP in order to support you.

Now what better way to celebrate Eileen’s new book and the term YOLO than a recipe for the most nutrient dense food? Offal!  

You still here? I promise offal isn’t that awful! Heart is close in texture to muscle meat (the heart is a muscle after all), and I don’t mind handling it. It’s not slimy like liver and it doesn’t look like a tongue, so there’s that! Not only does the high nutrient profile of organ meats encourage me to include them in my diet regularly, but the low price tag is a major motivator.

I’ve cooked up heart a few different ways but so far this is my fave. Even my kids (who do not follow AIP) ate it it up and asked for more! I know, I was shocked, pleased, but still shocked. How often do you hear a six and three year old asking for more organ meat?

I will often prepare this dish the night before and fry it up in the morning for a hearty (teehee) breakfast! Hope you give it a try, because you know…YOLO!

Breakfast Heart Fry (AIP/Paleo/Sugar-Free) and a Book Review!

Yield: 4 servings

Breakfast Heart Fry (AIP/Paleo/Sugar-Free) and a Book Review!

Prep Time:
10 minutes
Cook Time:
15 minutes
Total Time:
25 minutes


  • 2 cups sliced beef heart
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil for frying

Heart Rub


    1. Mix together rub ingredients.
    2. Slice heart thinly.
    3. Massage rub mixture into the heart slices, place in fridge and wait a few hours or overnight.
    4. Fry in coconut oil.
    5. Enjoy!

Please note: This post contains affiliate links.This recipe is shared on Paleo AIP Recipe Roundtable and Allergy Free Wednesday.


  1. OK – I love that you reframed YOLO to be about organ meat! Thank you for such beautiful words about my book also, Rebecca. Wishing us all a happy, healthy and nutrient-dense 2016!

  2. I have never tried heart before, but this looks pretty good! I’ll have to cook it with other fats since I don’t do well with coconut right now. How thin should the slices be?

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