AIP Ceasar Salad

Caesar Salad Dressing (AIP/Paleo/Whole30/Keto)

This Caesar salad dressing is amazingly easy to throw together and sure hits the spot when you want a Caesar but still need to keep it AIP, Paleo, Whole30 or even Keto!

This is my new go-to dressing. I looove a good Caesar.

Caesar Salad Dressing (AIP/Paleo/Whole30/Keto)

My mom used to make the best homemade Caesar salad dressing, and I have incredible food memories of her salads! Although super tasty, I was no longer able to eat it once I adopted a gluten-free, dairy-free, yet alone AIP lifestyle.

So you all know I needed to make my own that I can eat and feel good about! Plus one that I can throw together in minutes, because, busy Mom over here!

What you need to make this AIP Caesar Salad Dressing

Coconut Milk

You’re going to need some full-fat coconut milk for this dressing. The creamier the coconut milk, the creamier the dressing!

Now I used to always use Aroy-D coconut milk because the ingredients always listed just coconut and water. However, the most recent cans I bought are also listing an additive. Bummer!

Whether it’s always been in there, that I cannot say. I do know I seem to tolerate it just fine, so I will probably still use it when I’m in a pinch because it’s the most convenient for me to buy.

However, I did find this coconut milk that is actually just coconut milk and water, and tastes amazing. Plus, I love that it comes in a carton! Happy dance!

Both work well in this dressing. If you’re using canned coconut milk and want your dressing creamy, try to scoop the top of the can where it tends to be thicker.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Gotta have that tang in here! I’ve also used rice vinegar in this recipe which tastes aweeesome! But if you’re on the elimination stage of AIP, stick to acv.

Fish Sauce

You know pre-aip, I never even tried fish sauce? Crazy to think I was missing out on such a flavourful seasoning. Redboat fish sauce is my absolute fave now!

Looking for more recipes that use fish sauce, check out my Lime Chicken Bowls with “Peanut” Sauce and Teriyaki Salmon.


Garlic has some amazing health properties including anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and antiparisitic, just to name a few. This dressing is the perfect way to get in that raw garlic and all the benefits that come with it!


You can add this in the dressing itself or just season to taste on your salad, totally up to you!

AIP Ceasar Salad

Yield: 4-6 servings

Caesar Salad Dressing (AIP/Paleo/Whole30/Keto)

Prep Time:
5 minutes
Total Time:
5 minutes

This caesar salad dressing is amazingly easy to throw together and sure hits the spot when you want a caesar but still need to keep it AIP, Paleo, Whole30 or even Keto!



  1. Place all ingredients in a small mason jar.
  2. Either whisk or put lid on and shake, shake, shake!
  3. Enjoy!

Caesar Salad Dressing (AIP/Paleo/Whole30/Keto)


  1. Hi Rebecca, thanks for sharing another great recipe. Your link for the coconut milk goes to a page with several choices. Is it the 750 ml Thai Kitchen brand? I especially appreciate the links to Canadian websites as I’m also from a small Northern Ontario city (also have LS too).

    • Hi Heidi!

      So glad you’re here, nice to hear from another northern Ontarian 🙂 So the link is US based since most of my readers are from US, and since we’re from Canada, when we click on it, it forwards to similar items that are offered on That being said, I ordered the coconut milk off (Here’s the link: ) I love this online store, as it carries a lot of AIP, Whole30, and Keto items that aren’t available anywhere else in Canada.

  2. Fish sauce contains sugar, which isn’t AIP. Is subbing anchovies acceptable instead?

    • Yes I bet anchovy paste would be great in this! Redboat fish sauce does not contain sugar and is AIP compliant (basically just anchovies and salt), it’s a fave of mine!

  3. I made this exactly as written and it was fantastic. I brought it to a Thanksgiving party and multiple friends asked for the recipe. So happy to find this super easy recipe for caesar with no dairy.

  4. I’ve made this twice now exactly as described, down to the Redboat brand fish paste. I can’t get it to mix. The coconut milk curdles with the acv and it separates. Is this what yours does? What am I doing wrong?

    • hmm no not at all. I wonder if it’s the brand of coconut milk you’re using. I usually use Cha’s Organic Coconut milk, or Aroy-D. Hope this helps!

  5. Thanks for the delicious and easy recipe! I’m usually not a fan of coconut cream / milk, but I can’t taste it really in this! ❤️

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