Snacks and Treats

Chocolate Chip Cookies (AIP/Paleo)

These paleo chocolate chip cookies are a breeze to make and a delight to eat! It’s hard to believe they are paleo, grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free! They can also be made completely AIP with modifications! It’s been awhile, but I’m sill here, promise! Like the rest of the world, […]

Raspberry Muffins (AIP/Paleo)

These raspberry muffins taste amazing and the texture is on point! Plus, they are AIP compliant, paleo, gluten free, dairy free, egg free and nut free. Yay! So what do you need to make these raspberry muffins? Raspberries Obviously! If you can’t tell by my previous post, raspberry mousse, I’m […]

Raspberry Mousse (Paleo / Keto / AIP)

This raspberry mousse is light yet rich with a white chocolate flavour and a breeze to make. It’s also Paleo, Keto, and AIP with modifications. So I’ve been making this dessert for quite awhile and have been meaning to share this recipe with you all. Now with Valentine’s Day approaching, […]

Sugar Cookies (AIP/Paleo/Keto)

These sugar cookies are the perfect Christmas cookie but are also great all year round. Not only are they grain free, nut free, egg free and paleo, but they can also be considered an AIP Keto cookie! Aren’t sugar cookies the ultimate Christmas cookie? I mean, have you ever seen […]

Carob Fudge (AIP/Paleo)

This carob fudge will satisfy those chocolate cravings that are bound to happen when giving up cocoa on AIP. They are naturally sweetened with dates and contain healing collagen protein.

Banana Muffins (AIP/Paleo)

These banana muffins are completely AIP compliant using green banana flour and tigernut flour. They make a great on-the-go snack OR have one for breakfast on those days when you just need a muffin!

“Oatmeal” Raisin Cookies (AIP/Paleo)

It has been extremely cold here lately. There were several days where we were under an extreme cold warning, with temperatures as low as -50C (that’s -58F), brrrrrrrr right? Anytime I would open the door my skin would start to hurt! Eek! So indoors we stayed, and indoors I baked! […]

Pumpkin Spice Bread (AIP/Paleo)

Ok guys, I know the last time I posted was awhile ago and it was another pumpkin spice recipe… BUT I still consider November pumpkin spice season, don’t you? Really, when does it end? I’m going to say once the snow is gone, and that takes quite awhile around here. Like […]

Pumpkin Spice Muffins (AIP/Paleo)

Summer days of salads and bbq are over. Now we’re into stews, soups, and baked treats. I LOVE it! When the temperature drops, my desire to bake rises. Colder weather just does that to me. Anyone else? I truly adore this time of year, you know, pumpkin season, formerly known […]

Pineapple Mango Turmeric Gummies

I’m not sure if you noticed or not, but turmeric is kind of a big deal.  You’ll notice it’s all over in the health and wellness industry. So many turmeric supplements, articles about the healing benefits, and recipes using this bright superfood!  Annnd I’m jumping on the turmeric bandwagon, because […]