Chewy Plantain Apple Cookies (AIP/Paleo/Sugar-Free)

These plantain cookies are the perfect treat and only need six ingredients! They’re also AIP, paleo, gluten, dairy and egg free!

Before starting AIP, I knew what plantains were but I had never cooked or baked with them. I’m not even sure if I even had tasted a fresh plantain?! I know I had tried a plantain chip but remember them being stale and probably full of msg seasoning. It all changed once I discovered The Paleo Mom’s plantain fritter pancakes. Since then I’ve been experimenting with more and more plantain recipes!

The cashiers are always asking what I do with them (plantains are not a common food here in northern Ontario, Canada).  This is my usual reply, “they are SO versatile! Green plantains are not sweet and taste more like a potato, yellow to brown plantains are sweeter and have that banana taste. I love slicing green plantains and frying in coconut oil, with a sprinkle of pink salt, tastes like a chip but healthy! Satisfies that carb and fat craving I get more often that not since I am still nursing my little one. The yellow to brown plantains are great for satisfying that sweet tooth without any refined sugar. A yellow/brown plantain sliced and fried in coconut oil with a sprinkle of cinnamon and a dash of pink salt is Ah-mazing!” Then they just stare and nod, and try to be polite.

I just love simple recipes though. I look back at my gluten free, dairy free baking recipes and remember always wanting the perfect cookie. I could never get that chewy texture I craved. I would often make a cookie that included mashed banana, gluten free oats, and coconut oil. I liked making these since they were so easy and quick to throw together. I would make a big batch to freeze and then I had a quick convenient snack to grab if I was on the go. These plantain cookies remind me of those banana oat cookies because they are so, SO simple to prepare but there are two things that make these even better: they are ch-ch-cheewy once cooled, and they don’t make me sick. Win win!

Oh and how can I NOT include some apple with it being the start of fall and all?!

Chewy Plantain Apple Cookies (AIP/Paleo/Sugar-Free)

Yield: 12 cookies

Chewy Plantain Apple Cookies (AIP/Paleo/Sugar-Free)

Prep Time:
5 minutes
Cook Time:
30 minutes
Additional Time:
35 minutes
Total Time:
1 hour 10 minutes

These plantain cookies are the perfect treat and only need six ingredients! They're also AIP, paleo, gluten, dairy and egg free!



    1. Preheat oven to 350°F
    2. Mix all ingredients together, adding the apple in last.
    3. Drop by the tablespoon onto a parchment lined baking sheet.
    4. Bake for 25-30 minutes until edges turn slightly brown.
    5. Allow to cool and become chewy.
    6. Enjoy!

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  1. This is a really nice recipe and very easy. I am allergic to apples and substituted shopped ginger crystal or rehydrated dried apricots. Wow. Chewy and habit forming.

  2. These are sooo good, and whipped up so easily in the food processor! Thanks for giving me some guiltless snacks for my weekend!

  3. Should these be stored room temp? Do they freeze well? Don’t get me wrong, I could eat them all in one sitting, but I’m thinking about for a trip.

    • I store them at room temp, but they don’t last too long around here! I have frozen them before, and they froze well. I can’t quite remember if I just let them defrost at room temp OR warmed them up a bit in the microwave. Probably either way is good!

  4. How much arrowroot starch do you mean with “1/3 + 2 tbsp cup”? Is it 2 tbsp?

  5. These are AMAZING! My 5-year-old and I are scarfing these down tonight! Thank you for the wonderful recipe!

  6. These hit the spot! I was craving something baked for Christmas but didn’t have all the ingredients for recipes I found. I went to the store yesterday and low and behold they had really ripe plantains. I was going to make fritters but found your recipe. I hope when I reintroduce foods I can eat pecans which was a food group before. I think they would be a nice addition. Thanks so much for experimenting and posting your recipe!

  7. Am I the only one who had trouble getting them off the parchment / waxed paper? Followed the recipe to the letter. I’ll be honest. They were so good that I just ate some waxed paper…

    • Parchment is NOT waxed paper. Wax melts when heated. Parchment does not. Make sure you used parchment, which is heat safe to 400F.

  8. Looks yummy!! We don’t find arrowroot starch here (don’t even know it). Would i replace with cassava starch por coconut flour? What you suggest better? Thank you!

  9. Just in case you’re having trouble finding ripe plantain (verdura’s) you won’t believe it but here in Colorado they carry the Goya brand frozen with nothing added at Walmart. No kidding. All I do is defrost and mash! Unbelievably easy.
    (Ripe plantain is used with savory seasoned minced turkey or chicken on top in the Caribbean too)

  10. I substituted dried currants for the apples. They were very chewy and delicious! Plus I made a second batch that I froze and they did quite well defrosting fast in the toaster oven on the bake at 200-250 degrees. Thank you for this sugarless recipe.

  11. Coconut is not an option for us unfortunately and these look soooo good! What AIP oil would you recommend in place of coco oil? Thanks!

    • Hi Lisa! Palm shortening would work the best. You could also try avocado oil, but I haven’t personally tried it. Hope this helps!

  12. This is the most amazing cookie I’ve ever had bar none

  13. This is just the best cookie I’ve ever tasted on this diet .. but I think it will bust my sugar allowance

  14. Yum!! I had green plantains that I was planning to make tortillas with, but I didn’t have time and they ripened, so I did some looking online and found your lovely cookie recipe. I whipped them up, it was so easy as you said, and they are really delicious! I especially like that they are not too sweet. I can tell I’ll be making these often. Thanks so much for sharing! On the AIP diet, one can’t have too many good recipes in their collection!

    • Aw thanks for the comment Cara! I agree, definitely can’t have too many tasty AIP recipes 🙂 SO glad you enjoyed the cookies!

  15. These cookies look amazing! What would substitute the plantain with? I am reactive to plantains as well…..

    • Thanks Claudia! hmm I haven’t tried anything else besides plantains so no guarantees but I would think bananas may work, if you tolerate those. 🙂

  16. Thank you for the recipe, Rebecca. Mine looked nothing like yours; they were puffy and not brown on top. It looks like yours may be flattened and sprinkled with cinnamon before baking? I think those two things may have improved mine. Thanks again.

    • hmm no mine were not flattened and sprinkled with cinnamon, although you could try it. I’m wondering if your plantains were not ripe enough, that would make a difference.

      • Hunter McFarland

        How ripe should they be? Mine were almost half black and I had the same issue. Mine weren’t flattened and they stayed the same shape as the cookie scoop.

        • Hi Hunter, the plantains should be pretty ripe – soft and sweet but I wouldn’t say they have to be completely mushy – usually yellow, or yellow with some dark spots. I will say I have had the odd plantain that has darkened but didn’t ripen – I’m wondering if that was the case for yours?

  17. What a great junk free cookie! New favorite! So easy to make with a blender, just blend everything and add apples at the end. My plantains were still a bit firm so I used avocado oil instead of coconut to smooth everything out.

    • Woohoo! SO happy to hear you enjoy these! Definitely not your typical baking – but glad you feel they are simple to make too!

  18. Do you press the tablespoon drops of batter before placing them into the oven?

  19. These are my new favourite treat! I sometimes over do it though and eat a whole batch in a day. Oops. There are worse things to binge on I guess.

  20. The ingredients are blended in a food processor to get a smooth batter, correct?
    Thank you.

    • Since plantains are ripe, you should be able to just the mash the plantains then mix all ingredients together. No need for a food processor!

  21. Can I substitute potato starch for arrowroot starch?

    • I haven’t tried it, it could work but may result in a different texture. Tapioca starch should work ok though as a substitute.

  22. Hola 👋 desde Argentina 🇦🇷 me pregunto cuántas galletas salen con esta receta,se ven tentadoras,gracias !

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