Chai Carob Latte (AIP/Paleo/Refined Sugar-Free)

I just started bringing my girls to playgroup regularly again after a loooong break. It feels good to get back into going and the kids are loving it. I’m also enjoying some time to talk to other Moms.
It has brought back memories of when we lived in Ottawa. We always made it to playgroup as it was right across the street from where we lived. On the non-playgroup days, my Mom friends and I would often bring the kids out to Chapters, but first stop was Starbucks, always. We would order our fancy drinks and then we’d head to the kids area and let them play while we sipped on our lattes and chatted. Ah, I miss those days!
What I don’t miss is trying to figure out how to pronounce what I wanted to order. Ordering always went something like this:
Me: I’ll have a medium chai latte made with soy milk.
Starbucks barista: you mean a grande chai soy latte?
Me: yes, that’s what I said.
Now living in northern Ontario, the closest Starbucks is a four hour drive. But that’s okay, because now that I’m on the autoimmune protocol, everything in a chai soy latte is off limits. No worries though, I figured out how to still enjoy that chai goodness with this carob chai latte or, should I call it chai carob latte? Ooooh I like it! Just call me the AIP barista!

Chai Carob Latte (AIP/Paleo/Refined Sugar-Free)

Yield: 1 serving

Chai Carob Latte (AIP/Paleo/Refined Sugar-Free)

Prep Time:
10 minutes
Cook Time:
1 minute
Total Time:
11 minutes



    1. Place tea bags in boiled water and steep for 5-10 minutes.
    2. Meanwhile, place fig in warm water.
    3. Once tea is ready, remove fig and discard water.
    4. Add tea, fig, and the rest of the ingredients to a high powered blender.
    5. Blend.
    6. Enjoy!

Chai Carob Latte (AIP/Paleo/Refined Sugar-Free)

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  1. This sounds delicious Rebecca šŸ™‚

  2. Louise Gagne

    Is there another tea I can use – decaf preferred as I have Essential Tremor? Thank you for this recipe.

    • Hi Louise,

      Rooibos tea is a great AIP decaf option that I think would work well in this recipe. You could also try chicory root tea. šŸ™‚

  3. I wonder if this would work with a date? Looks good.

  4. Thanks for this recipe. I’ve tried it two days in a row and just adjusted slightly to find what worked for my tastebuds… I’ve settled on adding one tablespoon of coconut cream, and reducing the Cloves (which I’ve never liked) to a tiny pinch. It’s the perfect combo for me – so I thank you for introducing this.

    I’m new to AIP this week after discovering I had UC with a major flare-up involving a week in hospital… and the idea of not having any of my ol’ favourites like my yummy almond chai was killing me – and then I found this. Yay!

    • Oh I’m so glad you enjoyed it and it has given you some hope on AIP. I find most favourites can be made AIP, some may taste slightly different but you can always make it tasty! Hope you are doing well Cathryn!

  5. This sounds wonderful, the only problem is I am sensitive to Dandelion. Is there anything else I can use in its place?

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